Energy healings

Energy healing

About me

I am an Energy Healer, or facilitator of energy healing. It is the client's own intention that heals. As the facilitator, I am a conduit for divine life force energy through Reiki and crystals. I have immersed myself in energy healing, having studied, Reiki Master level, Crystal healing, Reiki Crystal master level, Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, Animal Reiki and much more. I am also intuitive and sensitive to energy so was naturally drawn to the healing powers of energy and divine source energy. 
I have a strong interest in shamanic practices and ancestral healing. I will be adding these powerful healing practices to my services in the near future. I also have a history in teaching adults and children and in course design. My Blog aims to inform and inspire ideas, drawing from my varied and diverse journey so far 🧚🏼‍♂️💜

Additions to sessions

🎵Music set to a specific vibrational frequency to enhance healing on a cellular level
🥀Subtle aromatherapy 
💗Intuitive guidance

Coming soon

Online Energy healing courses for adults and children
Shamanic Spirit Bridge karmic and ancestral healing services 
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