Energy healings


Reiki is a powerful holistic healing with visible changes. It can invoke physical and psychological health effortlessly. Reiki crystal healings is a therapy that mixes two energies to heal each other.

How does Reiki heal the heart? Can you find happiness using Reiki healing sessions? How to heal psychological problems with Reiki healing and crystal stones? Get all your questions about Reiki healing crystals answered here!

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The Energy Centers

The reiki crystal energy healings will work on the 12 chakras (energy centers). Learn more about the twelve chakras and how they are used in healing sessions here.


Holding crystals or placing them on the body can promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Crystals positively interact with the body's energy field, or chakras. 


To increase the flow of your life energy a Reiki practitioner serves as a source of renewed energy, channelling life force energy from the divine through their crown chakra, passing it to you through the palms of their hands.